Our successful tutors often become over subscribed. The GCSE and A-Level exams were cancelled this year, so they have more room now.
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Reliable primary tuition in Peterborough

Extra help to increase confidence

Even if tests are a long way off, it is never too early to start preparations. We give each student extra help to increase their confidence. We will ensure that your child is better equipped to succeed in their exams by providing Key Stage 1 and 2 preparation, and by following the National Curriculum based syllabus.

Our primary tuition includes the following

  • Key Stages 1 and 2
  • Primary classes for numeracy and literacy following the National Curriculum
  • Meeting the needs of above average children
  • Preparation for The King’s School, 11+, private and public school entrance examinations
  • Verbal and non-verbal reasoning
  • Science for secondary entrance exams
  • Providing continuity between primary and secondary schools

Qualified and experienced teachers

We have highly qualified and experienced teachers who have provided primary level tuition to hundreds of children during the last 20 years. Most children come to us for help with academic exams including maths, science and English. We offer our services to families throughout Peterborough and the surrounding area. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Your child

Your child may need extra support and attention when in their primary classes. Efficient coaching can help them build a firm foundation for success at school and in later years. We can provide your child with quality tuition at primary level as well as secondary level.