Our successful tutors often become over subscribed. The GCSE and A-Level exams were cancelled this year, so they have more room now.
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Reliable primary tuition in Peterborough

If your child is in college and preparing for their A levels, they may require some extra support. If you are in or around Peterborough, get in touch with us for reliable A level tuition.

Which A levels should you take?

In order to give yourself the very best opportunity to pass your A levels with flying colours, you need to make the right choices for you. if you, like many other year 11 pupils across the country, aren’t sure which A levels will be best for you, come and have some ‘taster’ sessions with us during the summer holidays. Our qualified teachers are available to give you taster lessons in all of the main A level subjects. You’ll get a flavour of what each subject you are considering is like at A level and you can then decide which subjects you prefer to study at A level.

What ‘taster’ A level subjects are available?

Your taster sessions will be taught by a qualified A level teacher in the following subjects:
maths, English, physics, chemistry, biology.
Knowing you’ve made the right choices is a great feeling!

What happens once I have decided which A levels to take?

Once you are happy with your choices, you can then book a weekly tutoring session with one of our qualified teachers in the subject/s of your choice, during term-time.

Lessons with us are not just great value because of the expertise and experience of your tutor but also because they are inexpensive. Remember that a lesson can be 30 minutes in duration; it does not have to be 60 minutes. Therefore, for the price of one 60 minute lesson you can be coached in two A levels of your choice.

When you have decided

You will find that your session with your qualified A level tutor will prove to be invaluable as you will have your very own personal A level teacher who can lead you through the study of the syllabus, pointing out the pitfalls to avoid. He/she will focus you on how to achieve the highest marks possible and you can have any questions that you may have answered in the privacy of your private lesson; no need to feel that your question may be a silly one!

Everyone could do with some help to realize their highest ambitions. We can provide that help for you, as we have been doing for numbers of year 12 and 13s over past years!

Help your child to gain the necessary confidence to succeed in their exams with quality private tuition. Call now:

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