Our successful tutors often become over subscribed. The GCSE and A-Level exams were cancelled this year, so they have more room now.
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Do you think your child could benefit from some extra help and support with their studies? If you are in or around Peterborough, get in touch with us for quality private tuition at our centres or at your own home, during the pandemic the lessons are online.

A little extra help can do wonders

A little extra help may be all that your child needs to excel at school. We provide private lessons with experienced, qualified teachers. The tuition we offer is tailored to meet your child’s needs. While some may need to catch up with fellow students, others may require stimulation on a higher level. We have over 20 years’ experience in providing quality private tuition, and our term times are similar to those in mainstream schools. We can also provide additional holiday lessons upon request. Whether your child is preparing for Key Stage 1 or working hard to do well in secondary exams, we have the facilities and knowledge to guide them.

during the pandemic, we are working 1-1 online only

Primary tuition

  • Extra help to prepare for SATs
  • Key Stage 1 and 2 preparation
  • National curriculum based syllabus
  • Foundation stage support (not during the pandemic)
  • Higher levels of teaching for above average children
  • The preparation for secondary entrance exams

Secondary tuition

Book the days and times that suit you today!

All our lessons are very popular so please book yours now and secure your peace of mind. Knowing that your child is going to be able to thrive under the auspices of a private, fully-qualified tutor relieves much stress and worry on your part and your child’s. You can also be sure that fun and effective learning is going to take place rather than the half-hearted effort that school work done alone at home receives. Our friendly, supportive tutors make learning a breeze!

Face your exams with confidence with the help of private secondary tuition. Call now:

07702 056 795 (secondary) or 07498 301 793 (primary)

During the pandemic, please text first as you may interrupt lessons. Tutors are teaching through the day as well as through the evening.